8 Ways to Add Moringa into Your Daily Diet

8 Ways to Add Moringa into Your Daily Diet

8 Ways to Add Moringa into Your Daily Diet

Did you know that Moringa is more anti-inflammatory than Turmeric and contains more Protein than Kale?

Incorporating this Super Food into your diet everyday is a GREAT way to boost your immune system, support your cellular health, aid your digestion, fight off free-radicals and even support the healing process from many diseases & ailments.

Here’s 8 Ways to Add Moringa into your Daily Diet:

🌿 Seep it as a tea (using the dried Moringa leaves or powder) or buy our already prepared Moringa Leaf Tea.
🌿 Add 1 tbs of ground Moringa Powder or Moringa oil into your Smoothies for an antioxidant boost.
🌿 Drink it! Simply stir into warm or cool water and enjoy. (A dash of fresh lemon juice and a squirt of honey enhances the taste.)
🌿 Sprinkle it into your soups, broths or stews.
🌿 Add it to your favourite baked recipes, eg: breads, slices, brownies or muffins.
🌿 Pimp out your Guacamole, pesto, chutney or homemade dips with a sprinkle of Moringa Powder.
🌿 Use Moringa Oil (our Organic food-quality only) to make salad dressings and sauces.
🌿 Don’t like the taste or don’t have time to spend in the kitchen? Try our Moringa Tablets – they’re a quick, easy, tasteless but super healthy way to get Moringa into your body to work it’s magic.

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