Deriving from our organic cold pressed moringa seed oil, Vegan Ink has been carefully formulated to help the healing process of your new tattoo as well as boosting the vibrancy of an existing tattoo. Vegan Ink tattoo balm is the perfect blend of nature’s powerful healing properties.


Moringa Life Plus is an Australian proud company based out of the Gold Coast, Queensland.


We take great pride in being an all-vegan company which is why the exclusion of beeswax (which is prevalent in most other tattoo balms) was vital for Vegan Ink. Moringa has its own antibacterial and antiseptic properties which prevents the healing tattoo from infection.


Vegan Ink is a premium tattoo balm which has been brought to you in 3 different sizes:

  • 10g = Ideal for smaller tattoos and has been much anticipated for its affordability.
  • 30g = Perfect for medium to large sized tattoos all whilst being the perfect size to throw in your pocket while your out and about, ready for reapply throughout the day.
  • 100g = Our best seller! The ultimate size for large tattoos as well as a keep safe for those who receive regular tattoos, or even those who never know when their next spontaneous tattoo will be.


Because Vegan Ink is helpful for burns, wounds, eczema, skin rashes, poor circulation, scarring, sunburns, the soothing of insect bites and general aches and pains, it is a product that will never be wasted and is arguably a must have in any household. Vegan Ink comes in an aluminium tin with biodegradable/recyclable stickers. In addition to this all our products bought online are sent to you in ecofriendly packaging ensuring that both our vegan and environmental needs are met.


We recommend the application of Vegan Ink 2-3 times a day or when the tattoo and skin has become too dry. It is critical after receiving a tattoo to provide it with the best care possible and available to give the tattoo wearer the best chance at a fast and successful recovery as well as locking in those finer details. The continual use of our product will ensure the longevity of the tattoos vibrancy and assist in keeping the fade away.


Moringa Life Plus was founded in the belief that natural healing powers can add to ones life without having a negative impact on our planet.


100% VEGAN ✔️
100% ORGANIC ✔️


• Vitamin A Increasing collagen production
• Vitamin C that helps Anti-ageing
• Vitamin E giving anti-inflammatory properties

• Rich in antioxidants

Vegan Ink tattoo balm

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